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Did anyone watch the World Series Of Poker when Joseph Hachem won?

I was watching most of the WSOP  the WPT and it really is a great way to learn the game. You have to keep in mind though that you do not the hands played back to back. The content is heavily edited so 10 hands could pass between the ones you see played. How well do you think all these players would do if they were playing the WSOP on an on line casino?

Do you think they would be as good or play worse from not having your opponent sitting across from you. Say the whole game was played on line casino, they would not have anyone in front of them and they only had 30 seconds to make their decision. I think that these poker pros would fall prey to the novice player if he was playing the WOSP online. The game played live and the game played online are two totally different games. Does anyone agree with me? What about other on line casino games, such as blackjack, or craps.

Do you think there are advantages to playing online or advantages to playing live? There may be advantages and disadvantages to both but i dont think anything beats playing live. I can only sit in front of a computer screen so long. There is something to be said with the whole casino experience. From the noise chips make from being shuffled to the pretty waitresses getting me my drink and all the lights, bells and whistles in a casino.
But there is some think to be said about playing on line casino. You can just wake up out of bed and sign on and get to playing whatever game you enjoy. No getting ready, you dont even have to get out of bed. Could you imagine, all the poker pros playing the final table of the WSOP from their beds in their pajamas! That would be a sight!

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